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Our company, which has been producing home textile products since 2000;

It is proud to present its decorative and useful products that facilitate the lives of its customers, with its innovative perspective and to offer it to its customers with economic prices and the motto “Quality is everyone's right”.

Turkey's most important retail chains, as well as to ensure the supply for many years with success, beginning with the first period of close geography of our exports institutions, in line with the growth objectives of our country is spread over dozens of different countries on three continents.

We continue to give the right to the word TURQUALITY with the strong production capacity we have and the goal of exporting our products to the whole world.

Our company, whose production quality and employee conditions are certified by international organizations; In addition to signing various social responsibility projects, it also tries to contribute to leaving a better world for future generations by manufacturing products that do not harm nature and the environment.

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We build houses in a reasonably organized society. What happens to us in our society, which is very mindlessly arranged, is what we do.

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